Monday, July 20, 2009

How to Make Your Post Look as Good as your Recipe

Hi Deb (and all y'all),

You asked a couple of good bloggy questions --

Here's how you post a bigger picture. When you are choosing and inserting your picture, there is an option to the right on the size. I think the default is small, but you can choose medium or large, too. There's also an option to have that be your default layout every time. That's what I do to get the size of the picture I do.

As far as spacing goes (like between the list of ingredients and the instructions below), sometimes you type a space and then when you go to publish, it disappears. The text looks smooshed together.

I don't know enough about HTML to say why that happens, but John taught me a little cheat to stop that from happening. Type a period (.) and then go up to font color and make it white to blend in with the background. It becomes invisible and you look like you have a space there.

Hope this helps. Please continue sending in your SCRUMPTIOUS recipes, Deb! Let's hear from the rest of you, too!! I'll post more once we get Katie out of this recovery stage. Hugs to everyone. ♥

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