Monday, April 26, 2010

Peanut Butter and Apple Sandwiches

If you are looking for a healthy sandwich to put in kids' lunchboxes. This recipe from Williams Sonoma is a great one!! (This makes 1 sandwich, so be sure to make more if you are needing more sandwiches)

2 Tbsp whipped plain cream cheese
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp honey
1 granny smith or your favorite apple
2 Tbsp Peanut Butter
2 slices of Bread

Put the cream cheese, honey and vanilla extract in a bowl. Stir to combine. Spread Peanut butter on one slice of bread, and the cream cheese mixture on the other. Place slices of apple (that has been cored) on the cream cheese mixure and top with the slice of bread with peanut butter.

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